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Lance Cunningstrong Episode II Released!

No Comments » May 01, 2013 in News, The Radioplay


The second episode of Lance Cunningstrong is now available to listen to for FREE right here on Lowcarbcomedy.com.  A downloadable version will be coming next week.  Episode II takes our detective deep undercover into the world of 90’s phenomenon: Saved by the Bell.  Will Lance be able to stop Dustin Diamond’s Dustin Diamond from being […]


Lance Cunningstrong Episode II coming May 1st!

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Lance Cunningstrong: Detective to the Stars in “The Dustin Diamond Heist” will be available on Lowcarbcomedy.com May 1st.  Are you ready to follow Lance as he goes deep undercover on the set of the 90’s television phenomenon known as “Saved by the Bell?”  I’m sure you are, so while you patiently wait out the next […]


Download Lance Cunningstrong Episode I for FREE!

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To celebrate the relaunch of Lowcarbcomedy.com and to get you hooked on our up and coming radioplay, we are offering the Lance Cunningstrong: Detective to the Stars Episode I: Mystery at the Skywalker Ranch for FREE! The year is 1984 and George Lucas is dead. It’s up to Lance Cunningstrong and a plucky, young intern […]


Lance Cunningstrong Returns in 2013!

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That’s right ladies and gentlemen.  New episodes of Lance Cunningstrong are currently being edited together by the ever magical, Mark Kleinfelder.  The plan is to have these completed in the coming months and have them available to purchase through iTunes.  Want to know when the new episodes are coming?  Well you can either put your […]


Why Can’t I Buy Lance on iTunes?

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Thanks for clicking on the “Buy on iTunes” link.  We can only assume this means that you wanted to give us money for all the hard work that went into our parody radioplay.  So for that we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  As for right now, there is only one episode of […]



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Do you want to see a Dinosaur Ballerina? Kusper chewing on tin foil at a synagogue?  Now’s your chance to have us make a video based on the disturbing images you see every time you close your eyes. All you have to do is click on the image below and send us your idea.  If […]