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Mystery Afoot Issue 2 is Out!

No Comments » Jul 19, 2016 in News, The Comic


Hold up now cryptid fans, Bigfoot and Nessie gone went and done it! Issue #2 is finished and ready for your greedy grubby dirty hands. Gross. You know you really should wash those hands of yours. Why don’t you do that right now… We can wait. … Alright where were we? Issue number TWO! You […]


What’s Happening with Mystery Afoot?

No Comments » Mar 04, 2016 in News


And now a special message from Mystery Afoot Artist: Max Bare. —————————————————————————————- Restart that clock. Hang up that Bigfoot poster back on the wall. Crack open that bottle of Nessie’s 50 year reserve and grab some ice cubes. Pull the Christmas tree out of the garbage and throw it in your living room. It’s true. […]


Mystery Afoot Available Digitally on Comixology

No Comments » Jan 22, 2014 in News


Issue 1 of our comic book is now available digitally for iOS, Android, Windows 8, Kindle Fire and your computer through Comixology.com. But what about issue 2, you ask? Well work continues on it, rest assured. Everyday I continue to (humanely) whip our artist, Max Bare, into continuing the story of our furry and slippery […]


New Mystery Afoot Page Next Week

No Comments » Oct 09, 2013 in News

Bigfoot and Nessie’s confrontation with the Demon Duck continues with a brand new page that will actually further the storyline (a novel idea, I know).  Until then why not refresh your memory of the story so far by reading our previous pages.


Fandom Fest 2013 Complete!

No Comments » Jul 29, 2013 in News


Fandom Fest has come and gone and the Mystery Afoot Crew had a blast.  We sold some comics, made some new friends, and had a “Shat Off” (A drawing competition to see who could draw the best William Shatner caricature)  A big thanks to everyone that bought a comic, print, or commission from us.  Another […]


Mystery Afoot Goes to Louisville!

No Comments » Jul 22, 2013 in News


Come stop by Mystery Afoot’s table at Louisville’s Fandom Fest July 26-28 in Louisville, KY. You can meet Creators Zoran Gvojic, Dave Schneider and Max Bare as they peddle their wares to the Louisville Elite. We will have prints and copies of Mystery Afoot available, as well as a full color printing of our short […]