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Mystery Afoot Issue 2 is Out!

Hold up now cryptid fans, Bigfoot and Nessie gone went and done it! Issue #2 is finished and ready for your greedy grubby dirty hands. Gross. You know you really should wash those hands of yours. Why don’t you do that right now… We can wait.

Alright where were we?

Issue number TWO! You didn’t imagine it. It’s true! After years of waiting, you can now see what happened in Sydney! Did they crack their first case? Did Nessie find the perfect martini? Did Santa get you what you’ve been asking for all this time? Now some of those questions will get answers.

But first Canada.

Max and part time MysteryAfoot colorist/all time lovely lady, Melissa Sue Stanley visited Toronto in May for TCAF. And it was the first release of Mystery Afoot #2!
What is TCAF you ask? A ginormous independent and small press comic fest! Read all about it here: http://torontocomics.com

“But I don’t live in Toronto and I don’t know what you’re talking about!” you say, handsomely. Well good news! You can still order the first printing of issue 2 online!

The first release is the “Dirty Martini” edition. We got all fancy and formatted the book to more of a zine size. Each book also features a two color silk screen cover hand pulled by Max’s own grubby mitts! Neat!

This is a limited edition of 38 and they are available here:

Look for more things to come from the Mystery Afoot Team in 2017….