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What’s Happening with Mystery Afoot?

And now a special message from Mystery Afoot Artist: Max Bare.


Restart that clock. Hang up that Bigfoot poster back on the wall. Crack open that bottle of Nessie’s 50 year reserve and grab some ice cubes. Pull the Christmas tree out of the garbage and throw it in your living room.

It’s true. Mystery Afoot #2 is happening for realsies and has a definitive release.

How is this possible after years of BigFoot neglect? Well, as creative types we’re juggling a billion amazing projects. Mystery Afoot was a fun idea that brought Zoran, Dave and I together to make something silly. But now it’s time to finish the story we started. Because it’s silly. So silly you deserve to read it.

So when is this happening? Where? Huh?

As true Americans, much like Nessie and Bigfoot, it only makes sense that Mystery Afoot #2 will launch at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival 2016, May 14. If you are in the area or are a comic enthusiast attending the fest, you can be the first to pick up the second issue of Mystery Afoot! The whole weekend, I will be shelling out the new book along with other fresh releases from myself and my lovely partner Melissa Sue Stanley. After TCAF, stay tuned for updates as the book makes it’s way to you.

Until then, I’m putting my life on hold and ruining every relationship I have left, to work my buckling knuckles and bring this story to the reality it deserves.

You will be able to follow along on our social channels as I makes periodic posts tracking the book’s progress.

If you are reading this, thank you for following BigFoot and Nessie no matter how elusive they might be.

With Love and Reindeer Blood,

Max Bare”


So there you have it. The second issue of Mystery Afoot will be completed in just a few short months.  Thank you everyone for holding out hope that one day we’d get our act together and give you more Mystery Afoot silliness.  And who knows what the future may hold for our Cryptid Capturing Pals.

Don’t ever forget to Dream Big…Foot