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Fandom Fest 2013 Complete!

Fandom Fest has come and gone and the Mystery Afoot Crew had a blast.  We sold some comics, made some new friends, and had a “Shat Off” (A drawing competition to see who could draw the best William Shatner caricature)  A big thanks to everyone that bought a comic, print, or commission from us.  Another big thanks to all the folks that just stopped by to say “Hi” and chat about Doctor Who, 80’s robots, and Gillian Anderson’s Jello Shots.  Here are some photo highlights from our epic weekend in Louisville, KY.

Fandomfest19 Fandomfest20 Fandomfest21 Fandomfest22 Fandomfest23 Fandomfest24 Fandomfest25 Fandomfest26 Fandomfest27 Fandomfest28 imagejpeg_2 imagejpeg_2Fandomfest18

Fandomfest17 Fandomfest16 Fandomfest15 Fandomfest14 Fandomfest13 Fandomfest12 Fandomfest11 Fandomfest10 Fandomfest09 Fandomfest08 Fandomfest07 Fandomfest06 Fandomfest05 Fandomfest04 Fandomfest03 Fandomfest02 Fandomfest01

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